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Biofuels Investments

Plymouth Energy is a bio refinery plant located in Plymouth County in Northwest Iowa. The plant is sustainably certified under ISCC, holds a DSP license for the production of alcohol and produces 210 million liters of biofuel, 175,000 tons of distillers grains, 12 million pounds of corn oil and 60,000 tons of syrup annually. The plant uses approximately 18 million bushels of locally grown corn annually. Plymouth county grows approximately 250,000 acres of corn ranking it the 5th largest corn-producing county in the state of Iowa and the 29th largest in the US. Distillers grains are sold to the local livestock and hog producers providing them with a valuable protein feed. The biofuels are sold in both the domestic and international markets.

Three Rivers Energy is located in Coshocton, which is 70 miles northeast of Columbus, Ohio.  The plant came into operation in 2008 as Coshocton Ethanol. The business was acquired by Three Rivers Energy, a partnership involving Lakeview Energy and Crestwood Biofuels, in June 2012 and was reopened in October of 2013. The plant produces 190 million liters of biofuels, 110,000 tons of distillers grains and 12 million pounds of corn oil. The facility requires up to 18 million bushels of corn at full capacity with the majority of this supply located within a 100 mile radius of the plant. The market for biofuels is primarily within the state of Ohio with the major refineries located within 120 miles of the plant. The distillers grains market will offer outlets locally with excellent rail infrastructure offering markets beyond the county and state.

The acquisition of the Groups first biodiesel facility in August 2015 is a significant milestone for the company and is our first investment in this sector of the biofuels industry. The facility, located in Moberly, Missouri is strategically well located in terms of sourcing inputs and has good access to biodiesel markets in both Kansas City and St. Louis. The plant will process multiple feedstocks including soya oil, corn oil, white fats and used cooking oil. The plant is capable of producing 38 million liters of biodiesel and 4,000 tons of glycerin. 

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