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Lakeview Trading has developed domestic and international trading business primarily across the EU, Brazil, Peru, Canada, and the Philipines. Lakeview Trading is involved in the marketing of up to 550 million liters of ethanol with the product being produced in compliance with various specifications including ASTM, EN or ANP Anhydrous depending on the market needs. The company is focusing on developing long term relationships with blenders and end users in various international markets and in working with them on not only securing product but also on ensuring the most cost effective transportation of the product is utilized at all times. Lakeview Trading will also be looking at developing Industrial Alcohol marketing opportunities with customers.


Lakeview Trading  holds an International Sustainability and Carbon Certification, which has been approved by the European Commission and is recognized by Germany and the Netherlands. ISCC is the first international certification system that can be used to prove sustainability and greenhouse gas savings. The ISCC seal distinguishes solidly sustainable biomass and bioenergy from non-sustainable sources and thus provides more security for companies.

The office for Lakeview Trading is located in  Tennessee. 

         Address: 1616 Westgate Circle Suite 105                                   Brentwood, TN 37027

         Phone:    615-844-6204

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